Christine Lo was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, from a writer mother and a photographer father. She has shown particular passion for art and music from the age of four.

She started to draw for local newspapers during her junior high school years, and won abundant awards in various artistic areas, including art creation, singing and literature, notably first prize in poem writing of Taipei Literature Award, champion of singing competition of National Taiwan University, and top 7th place of Super Idol, a taiwanese talent show, and has sung for numerous events and occasions in Asia.

In order to meet the expectations of her family, in particular her grandmother, she finished business school and studied French to C2 level, she is now a professional business developpeur for international companies.

Moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2017, she started her career there in the luxurious industry, in which she needed to be neatly presented everyday with black or skin-coloured stockings. And each time she sees a crack in her stocking (and that happens a lot !), she is reluctant to throw them away, finding a special meaning and beauty in it. So she washed them and kept them in the closet and let this feeling brew for two years.

In mid-2019, a major change in her professional career pushed her to take them out and start creating contemporary artwork with these worn out recycled stockings.

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Christine Lo