Christine Lo is a Taiwanese artist living in Switzerland. Her original Worn Out collection made of recycled stockings worn by herself and some close friends, symbolizes femininity and sustainability.

Our society projects high expectations on women, as if they had to be perfect at all times, like stockings that should never rip. Michelangelo said he saw the angel in the marble and he had to sculpt until he set him free. Whenever Christine sees rips in her stockings, they are already precious art objects in her eyes: the tear may be related to a missed bus, a delayed meeting, a blocked zipper, an embarrassing date...

These tears are like the everyday big and small frustrations and failures dancing in her soul. And all together, they trace a beautiful journey of the relentless pursuit of a woman's life.

For two years, she collected, washed and settled those torn, used and recycled stockings, refusing to throw them away, because they are her angles in the marble. During a period of professional changes, a series of inspirations finally hit her, and hit her hard, she began to take out the settled torn stockings and turn them into some one-of-a-kind artworks.

Those recycled stockings, normally might be deemed as garbage, were given a second life. A second life that is unique, glorified, and treasured.

Her astonishing artworks have instantly stirred the contemporary art circle in Switzerland, and she was invited to her first collective art exhibition merely 3 months after she started making artworks with recycled stockings.

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